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I just spent 30 minutes ironing some shirts in preparation for tomorrow because I have a meeting and I found this kit that lets you print off a design and iron it onto shirts so I printed off a picture of my friends face and made a bunch of shirts with his face on it. We were all going to wear it to the meeting and in the middle of it just all take off our sweaters to reveal the shirt and ahhh it’s going to be so funny, I just hope the weather cooperates



if getting fucked against a wall is the craziest thing ya’ll can think of…. your sex life is boring…

Fucked through a wall, the prison warden never saw this escape plan coming and I’m miles away before they even notice I’m gone. 

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people say dolphins are smart but there not smart enough to not be Shity grey rubber tubes flappin about in the gotdamn ocean


congratulations! you are the piss lord of shit mountain. thank u for hefting turds down the mountainside so that we, the proles, may feast on your bounteous craps

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